How Can You Keep Your Windows Clean?

What Can Cause Constant Dirty Windows?

There are many factors that can cause dirty windows but if you need constant window cleaning there may be a key reason. The structure of glass means that it can collect dirt over time which can make the glass more likely to break and a loss of transparency through your windows. If left untreated, this could completely ruin the glass making it fragile and give your property a dirty look.

Some issues that could cause dirty windows include:

  • Hard Minerals – Sprinkler Systems & Building Run-off Can Cause This
  • Oxidization – Can Occur to Windows in Metal Frames & Screens
  • Sea Spray – Salt Slowly Builds Upon Windows
  • Overspray – Accidental Paint, Chalk, Mortar Particles Can Be Left on Windows
  • Acid Rain – Can Damage Windows

Although some of these cannot be stopped, you can easily reduce the amount of dirt on your windows if these factors that could happen on your property.

Do Dirty Windows Effect Heat Efficiency?

Yes, dirty windows can affect the heat efficiency in your home, meaning you could be paying more on heating bills than you would have to if you had permanently clean windows.

If your window is dirty then the dirt particles on the window and in the pores of the glass reflect UV light from the sun more than a clean window would. This means that the sun cannot get through your windows to heat up your property. When your house is cold, this means you would have to spend more money on heating just to make sure your house is warm enough for you.

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

There is not an amount of time in which you should clean your windows although, the best time is probably between one or two months. If there is frequent pollution in the area, or you notice your windows getting dirty quickly, then you may want to consider having window cleaning more regularly.

You must also ensure that your window cleaners use the best methods and provide a thorough job. If you are using amateur window cleaners they may not properly understand what they are doing and therefore you will constantly need window cleaning as they aren’t being done right.

If this is the case, then here at Elite Window Cleaning, we will provide a professional service that ensures your windows our cleaned properly and will remain clean until our next visit. Call us on 01235 512 881 or  07778 661 548.

What Are The Benefits Of Clean Windows?

There are many other benefits to clean windows, other than being able to see out of them. Clean windows can create a good atmosphere and also a good impression for the people coming into your property. For commercial buildings, having clean windows gives your company a sense of professionalism and makes the public see you in a positive way.

Furthermore, dirty windows create a negative atmosphere around a building whereas clean windows keep a place vibrant. This can even motivate staff to work harder whilst keeping people happier as they are in a room with colour and brightness.

As well as staying happy in your property, it will reduce heating bills and also can help to get rid of insects who may live in your window frames.